Monday, 25 July 2016

Film Nagar Club's building collapses leaving 2 dead & 10 injured.

The government allotted 95 acres, in 365 plots, for Film Nagar Housing Society in Jubilee Hills area by the then chief minister T Anjaiah in 1981. Film Nagar Cultural Center (FNCC), popularly known as Film Nagar Club was established in 1993 with all Film Nagar Housiety plot owners as members free of charge and other nearby plot owners for a fee. With good quality facilities and service, FNCC has become one of the popular destinations in the city.

Even though, it is mandatory for all societies and associations to follow transparent methods of procurement and contracts, it is rarely being followed for reason's of nepotism and corruption.
  • GHMC permission was not obtained for this construction.
  • Although there were unresolved cases in High Court, the club took up this construction work. 
  • FNCC claims that it was not a new building, but extension of portico. But ground floor is new large portico where as first floor appears to extension of Club.
  • Workers said that non-stop work was taken up on Saturday morning up to Sunday afternoon.
  • They were promised payment of Rs. 750 instead of Rs.300 per day.
  • Earlier, a case was pending in High Court regarding Film Nagar Cultural Centre's recent construction of about 50,000 square feet and the authorities had not taken any action. GHMC was directed by High Court to file a report on the alleged illegal constructions by the Film Nagar Cultural Centre. 
  • GHMC has seized & sealed the entire club following the incident and ordered probe by JNTU.
  • KTR's not visiting FNCC accident site, was conspicuously  noted.
The main building has GHMC permission for G+2 only where as G+3 was constructed.

It is rumored that crucial netas & officials were given "honorary membership cards" with market value of Rs. 17 lakhs, for FREE, for turning Nelson's eye and facilitating their unauthorized construction.

While land was allotted for construction of Community Centre with initial approval for built up area of 13,670 sft, today Film Nagar Cultural Centre has built up area of 80,000 sft with facilities comparable to any Five Star Hotel, for which no further approvals were obtained. Needlless to say it has become fashion to construct as they like and apply for BRS (Building Regularisation Scheme) by paying fees which was being announced at periodical intervals by state government.

My view:
The accident is result of several factors like corruption, greed, violations, sub standard designs, poor quality materials, bad workmanship, on site negligence etc. Since it is illegal construction, time line for construction is short and construction being carried out round the clock with less time for curing of concrete and avoid public attraction. While stringent penalties and punishments should be natural consequence, it is highly unlikely because of involvement of bigwigs of the society and TRS Government's aversion to hurt this industry for fear of its migration to AP detrimental to state's revenues. Politician's tough talk on television is just a eye wash. As usual, the issue will calm down in coming days and will die in due course.
On Sun July 24, 2016, I with family just walked into FNCC to attend a function at about 11:30 AM. By chance, I walked in between centering poles. Ten minutes later accident occurred and I came to know only about 30 minutes later. Public commotion started after the function was wound up at 3 PM. We were just lucky.

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