Monday, 25 July 2016

Kabali, the worst Rajanikanth starrer

Tamil superstar Rajanikanth's latest film "KABALI" in Tamil and dubbed versions in  Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Malay was released on Fri  July 22, 2016, worldwide and in about 3,200 screens in India, surpassing all the records. Unprecedented hype was created through advertisements, campaigns and paid news. The Hindu played such a big role in all the media hype, for nearly a month now. The frenzy it created was reflected in declaring holidays by some companies to deal with the frenzy, to avoid sick leaves, mobile switch-offs etc in Bangalore & Chennai and motivate its employees etc.

The Rs.100+crore film is rumored to have collected over Rs.200+ crores over the weekend.

However the film  bombed, and distributors are likely to lose most of their money invested. All others might have made some profits even prior to release.

Almost all viewers gave rating of * - - - -  and ** - - - only Rajanikanth's die-hard fans gave at best *** - -

Kabali looted money from distributors & viewers and enriched its makers.

Here are some of the viewer reviews:
  • Watch at home ....when you want to sleep, but don't feel sleepy
  • Worst movie...waste of money and time
  • It is not kabali. It is kaali (empty)
  • In this story no need for superstar. Any second hero enough for this worthless story. 
  • After watching the movie, we will get so much depression about Ranjith. 
  • Why he's done this stupid film with superstar.
  • I'm fan of Rajnikanth. But it was a total waste of time watching the movie.
  • It is the worst movie I have seen. The script sucks. The action is terrible and what a waste of Rajni's talents. I walked out after the intermission.
  • A huge let down....
  • Seditious and below average... Rajini getting old and senile...
  • ... may have to get ready to pay compensation to the distributors and theater owners.
  • Bakwas movie, simply wasted money on this. Its only south peoples craze and publicity. Else movie is not worth watching.
  • Perhaps the phenomenal and unprecedented hype has let down the picture and the actor!
  • A complete betrayal by Ranjith to our superstar Rajini and his fans. Unfit to direct.
My Views:
If you have not seen this movie so far, stay away.  Don't waste your time and money. You will only regret and get headache. Rajanikanth, instead of signing the movie blindly for money should focus on understanding the story and producer's and director's attitude towards the project. All concerned should have some sense of viewer obligations.

It is time to have some kind of mandatory methodology to protect movie goers interests. The full length movie should be shown as preview, few days before release to media and critics and allow them to pass on honest recommendations, without influencing or luring them, to general public. Movie makers have no right to make substandard movies as they like and extract public money using media and creating hype. They must do enough home work and give viewers value for value

They have no right to steal public money and make them suffer headache instead of entertainment.

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