Sunday, 10 July 2016

Vidura Neethi

Mahaatma Vidura was an incarnation of Yama or Dharma Raja born as son of a nobel & pious women by the grace of Bhagvan Veda Vyaasa. In Mahabharata, Vidur is shown as an ideal devotee, a high class hermit, straight forward and a good statesman. Vidura was also the was half-brother to Dhritarashtra and Pandu.  Vidura was a true Rishi & a well known scholar of all shastras.
  1. A man who is respected by good men, who is not proud, and who earns as per his capability such man acquires glory in short span of time.
  2. Advice only when requested.
  3. People who suffer sleeplessness are
    (i)   Lovers
    (ii)  People with no moral values
    (iii) People with skills lacking resources and
    (iv) People usurped the wealth of strong people through deceit.
  4. Leaders who delegate authority to unworthy people lose peace of mind.
  5. Success and Happiness
    (i)   Success of a person is judged by others
    (ii)  Happiness is felt by you.
    (iii) Only peace of mind gives you happiness
  6. One should identify tasks which require minimum resources and effort and will give maximum benefits and swiftly implement them.
  7. Impulsive decision should not be taken.
  8. Never divulge strategic initiatives prematurely to others.
  9. Treat other people the way he would like to be treated by them.
  10. Silence is preferred to indiscreet talking.
  11. Be well balanced in successes and failures.
  12. A person acquires qualities according to
    (i)   with whom he moves
    (ii)  under whom he serves and
    (iii) whom he keeps in heart as role model
  13. (i)  Old age destroys beauty
    (ii)  Temptation destroys patience
    (iii) Greed spoils malicious man
    (iv)  Anger destroys wealth
    (v)  One's good nature sours as a result of servicing the wicked
    (vi)  Lust destroys shame
    (vii) Ego destroys everything
  14. Never eat or travel or celebrate alone.
  15. Giving money to undeserving people and not giving to deserving people are the easiest ways to waste money.
  16. The man who is proud, who talks about big schemes even in poverty, and who desires money without hard-work  is nothing, but a fool.
  17. Speak politely and never entertain or tolerate the enemy.
  18. Those who forgive despite their strength & capabilities and who do charity even in poverty are two kinds of men who seek position higher than heaven.
  19. Aphrodisiac, greed, and anger are like doors to hell and prove corrosive to ones soul.
  20. Avoid stupid, lazy, rash, and bard people.
  21. A prosperous man must provide shelter to old members of family or a person of high clan facing troubles in life, a poor friend, and widowed sister.
  22. Gaining wealth, remaining healthy, having a beautiful wife with sweet voice, having obedient sons, and having education that earns you money are the six things that let you enjoy ultimate-happiness in this world.
  23. Absence of diseases, absence of debt, no compulsion to stay in foreign land, good relation with friends & relatives, having control on livelihood, and living a life free from fear are the six things that deliver ultimate joy to a man.
  24. An envying person, hater, dissatisfied, angry, suspicious about everything, and a person who lives on mercy of others; remain unhappy forever.
  25. The best policy for a wise man is to marry, friendship, and talk with people who are his equivalents. 

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