Sunday, 24 July 2016

TS stealing Krishna Water at Jurala

CAG report of 2012 on JALAYAGNAM Projects states that none of these projects have approvals, or water allocations or DPR's. Undivided AP being the lowest riparian state then, there was no harm to upper riparian states i.e. Maharashtra & Karnataka while KWDT I states that undivided AP could use unallocated or surplus or flood waters without claiming any rights in future. Post bifurcation of AP in 2014, new Telangana State became an upper riparian state and thus lost its benefits associated with lower riparian state. This was shouted loudly by ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy which was both ignored and laughed at him.

In this season not a single drop has reached Srisailam so far while both Srisailam & Nagarjuna Sagar Dams (with firm allocations of Krishna waters) are below minimum levels. KRMB rejected water use for AP and TS for all purposes except drinking water to Hyderabad in its recent meeting. TS defying KRMB's order and diverting 16,000 cusecs of Krishna water at Jurala, the very first inflows to Kalwakurthy, Bhima, Koilsagar, Nettempadu projects (based on Krishna flood waters only) for its trial runs totaling 16 TMC speaks volumes about TS's audacious nature, utter disregard for  Constitution of India, Laws of the land, Regulatory Institutions etc. and its selfish nature harming lower riparian AP. It may also be noted that during past two years, TS had abused its position of advantage at NS Dam and Srisailam left bank power house and operated in violation of KRMB directives and harming AP's legitimate interests umpteen times.

We can deal with sensible people. 
How do we deal with mad fellows?

TRS Minister Harish Rao releases water from Jurala Project In Mahabubnagar District 
in a widely publicized function on July 21, 2016, for which KRMB rejected its approval.

My View :
  • Narendra Modi's BJP Government at Center, aspiring to strengthen its political base across the country, is avoiding controversies exhibiting its spinelessness since two years. While this has become advantage to TS, is harming legitimate interests of AP. 
  • Hence AP has no other option except to (a) Campaign in media and expose evil nature & doings of TS on continuous basis and (b) knock doors of Supreme Court at the first instance of abuse, without waiting for rascals & scoundrels to see reason and behave sensibly and responsibly, which is not their nature.

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