Sunday, 3 July 2016

AP's Blues and TS Euphoria.

"I am citizen of British Empire
- Gandhi thundered when thrown out of train's first class compartment in South Africa in 1893.

* No living person is responsible for historical wrongs.
* No individual is responsible for social aberrations.
* Opportunities, merit based, is the essence of democracy.

Almost all living people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States were born post 1956 formation of Andhra Pradesh state on Nov 01, 1956 and therefore are citizens of Andhra Pradesh (undivided).

Prior to independence Coastal Andhra, with some canal based gravity irrigation facilities in Krishna & Godavari deltas, was relatively affluent. There was some kind of democracy existing in in Madras Presidency since 1920 and 14 Chief Ministers of Justice Party (later in 1944 became Dravida Khazagam under EV Ramaswamy Naicker) & Congress Party served prior to formation of Republic of India on Jan 26, 1950. Zilla Boards, Panchayat Samiti and Village Panchayat's represented rural local bodies and Municipal Councils as urban local bodies. With higher education levels, local self governments & affluence has resulted in higher awareness levels, knowledge of procedures, compliance of rules and politics were well absorbed by the society. On other hand Nizam oppressed & exploited people of Telangana, almost no schools or colleges or hospitals except few in Hyderabad, and with meager irrigation facilities people of Telangana remained illiterate, poor and addicted to liquor with no knowledge of independence, rights etc. After  formation of linguistic states in 1956, Andhra state (comprising Coastal Andhra & Rayalaseema) and Telugu speaking nine districts of Hyderabad state were merged to become first linguistic state of Andhra Pradesh. This was as a result protracted struggle for formation of Visalaandhra state bringing all Telugu people, scattered in Tamil, Kannada, Marathi speaking regions of southern India) into one state culminating after Potti Sriramulu died in his 52 days hunger strike. Hyderabad became its capital. The rest is known to all of us.

It has been rule of Central Government that bifurcation of a state or a organisation should not result in retrenchment or surplus positions in one side and recruitment for vacancies on other side. Employees of all organisations will be asked exercise options to join either side after bifurcation and that would be the basis for finalization for cadre allocation. Surprisingly, AP & TS cadre bifurcation based on roots of nativity is not only violation of rules, illogical and violation of individual rights but unfortunately that is being implemented. A person just born in Andhra but lived all his life in capital Hyderabad (Telangana) and just few years away from his retirement is being compelled to relocate to Andhra forcefully is unacceptable nonsense.

Needless to say that nativity based, religion based, language based, caste based allocations promotes ethnic group isms and detrimental to unification of diverse India. On other hand it will be sowing divisive seeds and sooner or later might result in breaking of the country.

Andhra Pradesh prior to bifurcation had massive investments (both public, private and borrowed) in the capital city of Hyderabad resulting in higher revenues, jobs, assets and also liabilities. AP bifurcation Act allocating assets geographically and liabilities in proportion to population with vague promises to AP to build new capital, Polavaram project, cover budget deficits by center and future institutions to AP  and verbal promise to grant 5 year special status and not implementing is dealing deadly blow to the new state of AP. After two years only about 5% was fulfilled and AP is still begging center with eternal puja.

Telangana was able to manipulate AP Reorganization Act (KCR & Sonia Gandhi colluding with each other on the eve 2014 elections) heavily in its favor and what ever little inclination was there towards AP, unknowingly or by mistake, was either rejected for implementation or demand modification through street agitations represents Ravana Rajyam, not a democracy. Defiance of Section 8 powers to Governor, KRMB/Central Govt directives for river water sharing, and Supreme Court judgment by not sharing common institutions has no remedy so far. Not even a statement/ruling was made asking KCR to comply with Acts & Judgments. Judges & Advocates street agitations, manhandling judge on duty leading to suspension of 11 judges and paralyzing of justice disposal systems, KCR threatening dharna at Jantar Mantar and central Minister sarcastically welcoming it speaks about anarchy rather than any coherent democracy. Ironically, Common Governor became a tamed lamb of KCR.

Where has the fundamental rule, that bifurcation should never result in unfair distribution of assets & liabilities, gone?

Any deal or agreement should be win-win (or lose-lose) but never win-lose. While celebrations are reverberating in TS even after two years, AP is silently licking its wounds.

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