Thursday, 14 July 2016

Out Sourcing

In the name of outsourcing, public money is being looted by politicians, contractors and officials during past two decades. The major excuse is that govt employees are not amenable to discipline & work and their productivity is low. Instead of leveraging technology and making them more responsible and accountable destroying cadres and siphoning of funds by unscrupulous politicians and officials has become order of the day with abuse of laws and detrimental to public interest. Corruption is the underlying reason for all these decisions. Over staffing is another reason.

Here is an example...

During early 2000's, the 33/11 KV distribution substations were operated by trained technicians in 8 hour shifts with Supervisor/AE working in general hours. Salaries then were 12k for Supervisor and 6k Technician totaling 30k plus benefits. 

Operations were outsourced for 30k a month.The contractor appointed two school dropouts for 4k for 12 hr shifts with zero benefits. The surplus 22k was shared between contractor & DE on month on month basis.The contractor was benami of DE and hence bulk of the booty was grabbed by DE & his team.

This has compromised the safety & security of operations of power distribution and promoted corruption while denying legitimate rights to the contractor's men who also extracted money from consumers doling out favors during power cuts.

My view: Every year 5% Government employees should be terminated (if age above 50 years) or compulsorily retired (if age is above 50 years), in every department, based on performance evaluation, and genuine vacancies should be filled by fresh recruitment every year. Outsourcing should be allowed for limited time requirement only. Outsourcing should never be allowed where the activities are continuous and also ensure quality, safety & security of operations, contract employees are paid according to laws of the land while eliminating corrupt practices.Transparency is paramount.

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