Sunday, 24 July 2016

BJP Commits suicide in AP

The ruling BJP virtually committed suicide in AP, by stalling private bill of Congress member KVP Ramachandra Rao, for granting "Special Status to AP" in Rajya Sabha yesterday (Fri 22/7/2016), illegally and immorally, contradictory to business rules of the house.

Then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced "Special Status to AP" for 5 years in Rajya Sabha as a precondition of BJP leaders in upper house Venkaiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley, then opposition leaders in RS demanded 10 year's special status to AP, while passing AP Reorganization Bill 2014. However after assuming power Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, contrary to all his election promises made in AP, developed cold feet, for political reasons detrimental to AP interests.
  • Central assistance extended to AP after bifurcation was falling very much short of the provisions of the Act.
  • 20,000 crore Polavaram project scheduled to be completed by 2018, has received 50 crore during 2014-15 and 200 crores in 2015-16. At this pace it would never get completed.
  • Capital city construction requires at least 100,000 crores, where as so far assistance received is less than 2,000 crores.
  • New Railway zone for AP with Visakhapatnam as HQ was put in cold storage violating AP Reorganisation Act.
  • Dugarajapatnam port project  was diverted to Tamilnadu, violating AP Reorganisation Act.
  • Estimated Budget  deficit of Rs.16,000 crores for 2014-15 and similar amount for 2015-16 was not reimbursed so far. Center continues asking clarifications after clarifications but not paying speaks volumes about their intentions.
  • Special Status to AP was not granted so far on the pretext that it is contradictory to Niti Aayog (erstwhile Planning Commission) where as Manmohan Singh's cabinet already approved this. Niti Aayog is neither superior to Parliament nor Union Cabinet inferior to Niti Aayog.
  • No tangible explanation given by BJP Government so far. Nor alternate compensatory amounts stated.
  • BJP with vote base of less than 3% in AP, is virtually non existent in rural AP, is aspiring to become significant force by its pseudo leaders without any mass base will now get buried permanently in AP.
  • Now Congress, which lost deposits in all the constituencies of AP in 2014 post bifurcation elections, stands to gain some mileage, only at the expense of rattled YCP.
  • TDP by announcing support to the bill, despite being Congress private bill but in the larger interest of AP, overcoming the obligations of being part of Modi's NDA coalition government in Center stands sincere in the eyes of people of AP.
  • On Sat 22/7/2016 by stalling the bill in RS, BJP had virtually put its neck in the suicide rope's loop.
  • Tomorrow, i.e. Mon 25/7/2016 if the bill is not put to voting and BJP extend its support to bill and eventually grant "Special Status to AP", its self hanging in AP would get completed.
  • BJP leadership's wishful thinking to become stronger by weakening TDP in AP is short sighted. In fact they would become stronger in AP by strengthening TDP government. So far its leaders false claims that central support of more than a lakh of crores was extended to AP so far, but not properly acknowledged by TDP Government in AP was laughed at even by lay man in AP.
  • According to me, BJP has committed suicide by AP on Sat 22/7/2016 for its political histrionics during past two years. 
  • Perhaps BJP is looking at Telangana allying with TRS & KCR, forgetting how they used  Sonia Gandhi and Congress for achieving separate statehood and once done, dumped them 100 feet under ground.
  • Finally, BJP should realize that with zero rural base and scattered urban base in two Telugu states, BJP can't survive as a political party on its own. Piggy riding on TDP is beneficial to them especially with 1999-2004 experience when BJP almost received 9% votes in 1999 election and making impressive wins was with allying with TDP.
  • Let us see whether better sense prevails with BJP's central leadership. In the mean time AP people will continue to suffer for no fault of theirs.
  • In the words of Undavalli Arun Kumar, ex Rajahmundry MP, while Congress made an "attempted rape of AP" in 2014, BJP did raped AP today.
  • Venkaiah Naidu turned out to be "AP Drohi" in the disguise of "disciplined BJP party worker".

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