Sunday, 17 July 2016

Coringa (Korangi)

Coringa (Korangi) is in Andhra Pradesh. The Coringa sanctuary is situated in the delta region of the Godavari. This sanctuary is famous for reptiles like the salt-water crocodile, fishing cats and others, near Kakinada port along the Bay of Bengal.

Small area of 8 square miles in extent built on a place where the rivers Coringa and the Godavari meet.

Record of cyclones:

1789 December India, City of Coringa - three tidal waves caused by a cyclone destroyed the harbour city at the mouth of the Coringa river. Most ships were sunk and estimated 20,000 people drowned.

1839 November India, City Coringa - a gigantic 40-foot tidal wave caused by an enormous cyclone wiped out the harbour city that was never entirely rebuilt; 20,000 vessels in the bay were destroyed and 3,00,000 people died.

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