Friday, 8 July 2016


School  education and health care are absolute essentials and is fundamental right of every citizen.

'Arogyasri' is a scheme started by YSR as CM with lot of fanfare and claiming to provide access to poorer people who are in need of specialised treatments in 'Corpoate Hospitals'. Very soon it has unfolded that into one of the biggest scandals transferring huge sums of money by medical department for treatments which are easily done in many government hospitals. Corporate hospitals, in Hyderabad though appears to be very good lacks integrity and patient centric views and or often blamed for overcharging for services especially where insurance exists and carrying out unnecessary procedures risking patients health.

Arogyasri, after providing initial success stories for propaganda in media, turned out to siphon off funds from Govt Hospitals to Arogyasri to Corporate Hospitals while providing questionable and substandard or unnecessary services. In the process, ailing govt hospitals with already meager equipments & funds were deprived of resources demotivating staff and very soon became disfunctional in some aspect or other. This is unacceptable.

Now Arogyasri must be wound up and its funds should be diverted for upgrading facilities in all govt hospitals and people should be motivated to get quality treatments safely.

All ministers including CM etc. Secretaries, HODs etc should be debaterred from getting any services other than from govt run schhols, hospitals & colleges for thselves & families.

In no time we will see these govt institutions improving quality in leaps & bounds.

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